We’re friends of the future.

We’re an inclusive AI-powered technology company on a mission to rewrite our relationship with the future.

With the help of our face-changing technology, individuals are able to meet their future and make better lifestyle choices, putting the power of today back in their hands. 

Future Face technology is also not to be mistaken with a filter or face-changing gimmick. Why? Because our technology is based on an interface of over 140,000 faces, is GDPR protected. Find out exactly the features and benefits of our products here. 

Meet Auriole, the founder of Future Face. 

Auriole Prince originally trained as a forensic and medical artist, finding missing people and putting a name to those found dead and unidentified.

She completed her training at the FBI Academy in the USA and is a member of the Medical Artists Association of Great Britain. Over the years, Auriole has always been fascinated by faces and how much they reflect about our mindsets and lifestyle.

It was here where Auriole took her curiosity of using AI for good and forensic knowledge to spark a new mission – to help people live healthier longer lives by making friends with the future. 


"We’re thrilled to be recognised for our efforts of encouraging inclusivity in AI technology."

The Future Face team won Gold and Silver in the Women in Business Awards and were a finalist in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022. In 2023 the team were one of the first recipients of the Inclusive Innovation awards and have also received European (ERDF) funding.

Our Team
Our team is made up of a combination of data scientists, web developers, and AI specialists. They all do an incredible job of analysing the lifestyle and demographic data to deliver invaluable insights to our customers. 
In the Media
Future Face (formally Change My Face) has been featured widely in the mainstream and social media including the Independent, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Netflix, Channel 4’s Who’ll Age Worst, Embarrassing Bodies, Super Nanny, BBC News, Crimewatch and countless other media and web publications.

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