Future : Skin can help to hyper-personalise your customer’s journey using AI visualisation, empowering your customer with the confidence to buy the right products that work.

Visualising how different product ingredients can affect the skin is a tool that helps people understand what can help.

Analyse, predict changes and choose the right products.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. Epsilon Research

Skin analysis
Face analysis
Stress and sleep
Where your customer lives and their lifestyle affects their choice in skin products
Integrate our technology to create a personalised experience for each and every customer.
Use AI to analyse your customer’s skin and help them to visualise changes with product use, lifestyle and environment.
Recommend and personalise products most suited to your customer.
AI skin analysis and skin type
Wrinkle and eyebag detection
Face comparison sliders
Product ingredient visualisation
Healthy skin predictor
Collagen estimator
Sun damage
Engage your customers for longer
Learn more about your customer's needs
Help reduce abandoned shopping baskets by making personal recommendations
Reduce confusion over products in a highly saturated market.
Keep your customers coming back and learning more about their skin

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Case Study: Musely

Musely offers highly effective skincare products to help people around the world with various skin issues.

Musely creates avatars of their members to help them connect more with their future self. The avatar can show members at different ages as well as other changes to the skin to help increase awareness and improve the user journey.

Since the integration of our technology, over 10,000 Musely’s members per month have met their future face, achieving their objective of increasing their engagement and highlighting their successful products.


PBU Pensions
Ana Walter Hestkjær, Chef for Digital & Kommunikation
Pædagogernes Pension
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It is going very well with the face-aging api. Our pension members have been using it and are having great fun. The campaign is rolling with about 15k usage, 10% of all members who have downloaded the app. The scenes and stories help to paint a gentler picture of getting people to consider pensions.

Drinking Time Machine
Nick Sheron, Clinical Hepatologist and Co-Founder of Alcohol Health Alliance
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Alcohol is the single biggest cause of death in young people aged 16-24, with 27% of male deaths and 15% of female deaths. Unfortunately as we all remember from our youths, we used to be immortal, but we cared desperately about how we looked. If the drinking time machine app prevents a single young death then it will have been worthwhile, and it may indeed prevent tens or even hundreds in due course.

Drinking Mirror
Jill Walker, Team Leader Health Marketing, Scottish Government
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The creation of the alcohol app enabled audiences to see what the impact of drinking too much might be which was a strong tactic appealing to the target audience and media alike. As a key part of our PR activity, it helped deliver a strong and engaging campaign with maximum effect.

COSI Ohio Science Center
Josh Kessler, COSI, Ohio Science Center
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The software is installed and works like a charm.  We started playing around with the software in our exhibition space, and it looks great!
Thanks so much for all of you and your team’s work on the program. The aging effects work wonderfully. I especially like the ability to get in at the end and re-adjust my selections—it’s not only fun, but I think it really helps get the specific content points across. Kudos.”

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