Can Signs Of Heart Disease Be Captured In A Selfie?

April 4, 2024
Can Signs Of Heart Disease Be Captured In A Selfie?

While selfies are usually taken to capture moments in time, that can be shared over social media platforms, they are also a fascinating source of information.

And yet, filters are applied too hastily to iron out lines, hide blemishes and cover imperfections. In this blog, we are going to talk honestly about health, in particular heart diseases. We want everyone to stop looking for perfection and to take note of our faces — to truly look beyond vanity and instead look forward to a healthy future.

Our groundbreaking face changing technology and our talented team’s expert forensic facial imaging experience fuses together to bring to life a different mindset. We believe that when an individual can visually see signs that they’re not in the best health, and can look to the future to realise their future-self, they become empowered with the knowledge and foresight that they must take steps now to change their lifestyle.

We’ve all heard of being able to ‘read body language’, the way someone shifts in a chair, fidgets with their fingers and strokes their hair — every movement suggests a thought, emotion, fear and more. Intuition and gut feelings rule the way we see people by looking at their movements.

But to ‘read the face’ accurately we use proven science.

A roadmap to recovery

No one has led the perfect lifestyle from the day they were born. And it’s a huge shame that some of the tastiest foods and drinks are in fact the ones that are the most damaging to our health. It’s no wonder, so many of us fall down the trap of always reaching for things that won’t do our health any good in the long run.

Our mission here at Change My Face is to inform people of what is impacting negatively on their health and to show them how they could look in years to come if they were to make well-informed decisions resulting in positive changes to their lifestyle. Even the smallest and easiest of changes can make a huge difference.

The impact of food and drink

If you see any of these signs on your face, maybe it’s time to cut back and address your diet to help achieve your health goals.

  • Bloated, puffy face with enlarged pores and broken capillaries? Connected to
  • Pronounced lines between your eyes, enlarged pores and dry skin under your eyes? Connected to red wine.
  • Puffy jawline, dark patches of skin around chin or forehead and dark clogged pores? Connected to refined carbohydrates.
  • Deep lines and wrinkles on your upper forehead, gaunt look to the checks, greyish tinge to the skin, crows feet and pimples. Connected to sugar.
  • Sallow, shiny face with a greasy film. Connected to fried foods.
  • Pale cheeks, pimples on chin, dark lines, or circles under your eyes? Connected to
  • Fleshy, bulldog appearance? Connected to red meat.
  • Swollen face and eye bags? Connected to

Matters of the heart.

Now, we’re going to ask you to take a good look at your face to check for signs that your heart is healthy or in need of some TLC. For this, you need to ditch the selfie filter or grab a mirror.

Your earlobes. Yes, that’s right, let’s take a closer look at your earlobes, an area we tend not to look at. You need to look carefully to see if there is a diagonal crease (around 45°) running backwards from your earlobe (higher around the earhole and lower heading in the direction of the back of your neck). This is known as Frank’s sign in the medical world. It’s a feature that is usually seen on the faces of people who have angina or diabetes.

Your eyes. Check for 2 things here, both can be connected to a raised cholesterol level and the furring of the arteries. See if there is a fatty deposit of skin around your eye, yellowish-orange in colour. And if you’re under 55 you should also look for a pale waxy ring around the circumference of your iris (for people over 55, this is rarely anything to be concerned about and simply part of the aging process).

What next

As we age, we’re bound to see changes in our face. We want everyone to love these changes and to embrace life! But, for this to become a reality, individuals must learn to recognise the impact of their current lifestyle now. Visualising our future-selves is the most powerful tool to influence and inspire change.

To learn more about our face changing technology and the sectors we serve, head over to our view our products.

Originally published at on June 9, 2021.