Face Changing Technology for Health, Wealth & Beauty

April 4, 2024
Face Changing Technology for Health, Wealth & Beauty

Interactive marketing campaigns perform significantly better than those that simply use images and the written word. Change My Face’s aging and lifestyle software brings campaigns to life and places your customers directly into the center of them.

Our software allows the user to simply upload a selfie, respond to questions on their current lifestyle choices and be presented with an image of their future self based on their answers. Visualizing the effects of our lifestyle choices on our faces is a powerful trigger to influence behavioral changes and habits.

So, what kind of lifestyle choices take their toll on our faces? It could be smoking and drinking habits, drug use, using inferior skincare and beauty products, a lack of exercise, too much sun, or not saving wisely resulting in feelings of stress and anxiety. Poor lifestyles choice are truthfully revealed in the lines, color and shape of our future faces — making small changes can have a big impact on the way we look — and ultimately the way we feel about ourselves!

Why use our Change My Face innovative software?

Great question — what’s in it for you? Why would you want your customers to see the effects of aging and lifestyle on their faces?

If you were to use our software in your next health campaign, you’ll create an engaging and entertaining marketing initiative that truly resonates with your target audience — you’re putting them into the heart of it and talking directly to them.

As we age, we also become stuck in our ways with regards to how we manage our finances, what skin creams we use and how we care for our health. In order to change our habits and behaviors we need to learn something new and positive that triggers us to want to change.

And what better way to spark such a change than to experience a visual jolt. Seeing our future self look back at us on the screen of our phones based on our current habits is likely to be the catalyst to make that change. Depending on your business sector you may want to ask a few questions on health or finances too to accurately determine the image that the customer sees.

Here’s who has used our software already

We’ve been number 1 app in 16 countries across the world and achieved 1million downloads. Clients such as the NHS, British Heart Foundation, Compare the Market, Cancer Research UK and Connexion Asia have improved the lives of their customers with their products or services.

All of the organisations we have worked with benefit from being able to converse with their hard to reach customers too.

In addition, Change My Face offers an API service as well as building bespoke apps and games for science museums and organisations in both the private and public sector.

Let’s take a more detailed look into the value that the Change My Face aging software brings to the health & wellness, finance and beauty sectors.

By using Change My Face software you can communicate effectively with your customer base and help reduce the number of unhealthy individuals making claims. You can also save your customers money by improving their long-term health by illustrating positive aging and the promotion of better and healthier lifestyles.

It gives your organisation the ability to promote and sell your services by demonstrating the following on a personalized level:

  • the effects of smoking on faces to encourage habit change.
  • the effects of poor diet and a lack of exercise to encourage behaviour change.

Individuals who aren’t on top of their finances feel incredible stress. Continually frowning results in frown lines (often referred to as worry lines) speeding up the aging process. Stress also accelerates the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) which interrupts the production of elastin and collagen — the natural good stuff needed to keep our faces looking youthful!

Allowing your customers to see the effects of poor financial choices on their faces coupled with the opportunity to engage with them about their lifestyle and current finances helps to generate more savings and investments. These interactive communications encourage individuals to make improvements to their finances.

Plus, your campaign will stand out against your competitors as it invites your customers to feel empathy with their future selves instead of just living in the moment.

The reason why customers choose your products over other brands is because they believe that they will work — they believe that they will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve their muscle tone, boost the skin’s radiance and help to retain their youthful look.

Allowing your customers to engage in conversation and to visualize the positive effects of using your skincare products is a strong marketing tool. It allows you to communicate messages concerning optimum skin care routines and to educate what can cause damage to the skin, in particular UV rays to promote SPF products positively.

By putting your customers into the heart of your campaigns you are creating an exceptional personal experience, and one that will be remembered for a long time.

Our software will show sun-spots and wrinkles as well as inform your customers how their choices today can keep them looking confident and healthy with age!

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Originally published at https://changemyface.com on January 19, 2021.