Screen saver: From tech neck to blue-light eye bags

April 4, 2024
Screen saver: From tech neck to blue-light eye bags

From tech neck to blue-light eyebags what being glued to technology does to your skin. Change My Face showed the Sun journalist Yasmin how her face may be affected by staring at screens.

Total internet hits have surged 70 per cent since lockdown began, says research firm Informa Tech. And it’s not just grey roots that could be ageing you, but screen time too.

So just what can we do to avoid tech neck and blue-light eyebags?

Yasmin Harisha asks Dr Jonquille Chantrey, an aesthetic skin surgeon, and dermatologist RGN Emma Coleman about screen-time skin and how we can combat it.

Plus, with the help of experts at Change My Face, we show you here how screen-time damage might alter Yasmin’s face. The artists use their extensive anatomical knowledge and special software to digitally add filters and layers.

Squint Hint

Staring at the screen can cause us to squint resulting in fine lines, or crow’s feet, which can become ­permanent.

Dr Chantrey recommends an eye test, to see if there is a root cause to your squinting.

Emma says: “The skin around the eyes is very thin. Avoid dark circles by putting your phone away before bed.

“Use a good eye product like Clinique Moisture Surge Eye (£28.50, to keep skin conditioned. I recommend eye gels for saggy skin and creams for hollow under-eyes.”

Originally published at on January 2, 2021.